Treasury Management Proposals (TMPs)

Xyxyx encourages proposers to include the following sections within Treasury Management Proposals:

  1. Title - [TMP-xx] proposal title, e.g., [TMP-01] Hello World

  1. Abstract - Two or three sentences that summarize the TMP.

  1. Rationale - An explanation of how the TMP aligns with the Xyxyx community's mission and guiding values.

  1. Specifications - A detailed breakdown of the specifications of the proposal. This is where you can elaborate on the "why" of your terms decisions.

  1. Steps to Implement - The steps to implement the TMP, including associated costs, manpower, and other resources for each step where applicable.

  1. Timeline - Relevant timing details, including but not limited to start date and completion dates.

  1. Overall Cost - The total cost to execute the TMP. The overall cost section should include a breakdown of the total cost of the TMP, including any associated costs for each step where applicable. Consider both fixed costs and recurring costs.

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