Xy is a generative AI tool fine-tuned for on-chain tokenization, natively integrated into the Xyxyx Launchpad — the first-of-its-kind. Xy is powered by OpenAI's GPT-3.5 Turbo.


Xyxyx has bifurcated Xy's fine-tuning into two model prompts to individually adhere to each one of the two models of the Xyxyx Launchpad (1x1 and A4). The pretraining and fine-tuning were based on 1x1 and A4 respective frameworks and intended use cases, being conceptually focused on on-chain tokenization templates, from certificates to contract terms.

Using Xy

Xy is implemented in all Xyxyx Launchpad models (1x1 and A4).

Users can get assistance from Xy via a prompt bar embedded in the ‘Input the token text’ input function of both the 1x1 and A4 models' interface.

As with any AI, the more specific you are with your prompts and context, the better the results Xy can provide. Remember to give Xy clear instructions, which may be in context with the intended use cases of both Launchpad’s interfaces. If you don’t get exactly the answer you’re looking for, try wording your query/prompt a different way. Please note that the outputs generated by Xy should be treated with caution for potential inaccuracies or errors.

Prompt examples


  • A template for tokenized debenture certificates

  • A template for tokenized real estate certificates

  • A template for tokenized mutual fund certificates


  • A template for a house blueprint document

  • A template for a mutual fund contract terms

  • A template for a financial auditing results document


Xy is a static model trained and fine-tuned by Xyxyx on an offline dataset.

Until its integration into the Xyxyx Launchpad (v1.2), Xy was trained for 3 weeks on over 10 thousand tokens of data. The pretraining and fine-tuning included data from publicly available sources, being conceptually focused on tokenization templates, ranging from certificates to contract terms.

The training and fine-tuning of Xy is a constant process executed by Xyxyx. From that, future versions of the tuned models will be released as we improve the efficiency of Xy through research and community feedback.


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