An archive of all the XYXYX minted by the contract can be viewed here


Xyxyx (XYXYX) is the native token of the Xyxyx Protocol.

XYXYX are 128* ERC-404 tokens fully generated and stored on-chain. Each 1 full XYXYX token generates an ERC-721 token that is encapsulated within an encoded Base64 string inscribed on-chain. Such a Base64 string, when decoded, renders an SVG file representing the token's human-readable data. This approach diverges from conventional practices by eschewing external, off-chain storage solutions, e.g., IPFS.


For each XYXYX, the tokenURI uniquely references an encoded Base64 string that is inscribed on-chain and stored within the metadata of each token.

Find below an example using the tokenURI of Xyxyx #1 as reference:

Xyxyx #1 encoded Base64 string (token URI)


Xyxyx #1 decoded Base64 string (SVG file)

<svg width="500" height="500" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg"><rect width="100%" height="250px" fill="#000" /><rect width="50%" height="250px" fill="#44ddcc" transform="translate(0, 250.000000)" /><rect width="50%" height="250px" fill="#882222" transform="translate(250, 250.000000)" /><text xmlns="http://www.w3.org/2000/svg" transform="translate(23.000000,33.000000)" fill="#fff" font-family="Courier New,Courier,Lucida Sans Typewriter,Lucida Typewriter,monospace" font-size="10px" font-weight="bold">1</text></svg>

Xyxyx #1 human-readable data (SVG file)

Key Features


XYXYX is the native governance token of the Xyxyx Protocol, enabling token holders to issue and vote on governance proposals via Xyxyx DAO.

Scarcity, Fractionalization, and Decimals

By leveraging fractionalization and decimals coupled with a supply-induced scarcity, only 128* XYXYX will ever be in circulation — a unique tokenomics approach that empowers both the ERC20 and ERC-721 sides of the ERC-404 architecture.

Built-In Hash Function

The XYXYX contract introduces a built-in token-ID-based hash function called XYHASH, which cryptographically ensures the visual uniqueness of each 1 full token.


The XYXYX contract is fully immutable and non-upgradable. This gives participants confidence that XYXYX will forever operate according to the rules established in the contract.

XYXYX contract ownership was renounced. See tx here


Xyxyx is designed to not rely on human governance or external management or dependency for its fulfillment (i.e., tokenURI long term maintenance), making it a fully autonomous digital asset.

All the XYXYX properties are either preset and immutable at a contract level — making human interventions redundant.

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