XYXYX has a total supply of 128 tokens.

XYXYX total supply irreversibly decreased 5.46% (from 128 to 121 tokens) since 0xa47b sent 7 XYXYX to the Ethereum Burn Address.


XYXYX launched on the Ethereum Mainnet on February 23, 2024 via an Uniswap V3 LP.


  • Please note that Team allocation was vested for a year (see tx here) and will be entirely reallocated to the Treasury in March 2025.

  • The Treasury allocation was initially locked (see tx here) for a month for a period of further discussion with the community and relocked for another 120 days (see tx here). The allocation must be relocked or transferred to a Safe multi-sig in July 2024.

LP Lock

XYXYX's LP liquidity is locked until 2224 (200 years).

The LP lock can be attested here

See XYXYX Holders List here. Please note that Etherscan only counts holders of at least 1 full XYXYX, excluding the fractional holders.

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